Monday, August 2, 2010


Books, movies, and even really good albums have taught a great deal about the art of the introduction.

Anyone who has immersed herself into the epic introduction to Star Wars (sorry, but Lucas had me from the first blare of John Williams's soundtrack), puzzled over the boy under the stairs, or wondered why we should care that mother is dead (and why, more importantly, narrator does not), knows about introductions.

My introduction will be simple and expository.

As a human, I am fortunate to have one or two things at which I am good. Namely, I am pretty good at analyzing literature and pop culture.

In fact, my latchkey heart (both parents worked) might suggest that I was at least marginally raised by my library and my television.

[Fortunately for the whole world, my other influences were less nefarious.]

So the purpose of this blog is to help me to determine what exactly these things have taught me.

And, I guess, to share them.

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