Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lesson 2010. Should auld acquaintance...

Today one of my inspirations and facebook friends told me not to worry or feel guilty and to focus on happy. He said I deserved good things.
So Paulo Coehlo, this list is for you.

My 2010 good things (in no particular order):
-ran in my first 8+miler, 10k, and whooped some butt (finally) in a 5k
-crossed the brooklyn bridge!
-spent a day pretending Hogwarts was real... and in Florida
-watched the sunrise in Georgia
-went to a multitude of terrific plays with my mom and Aunt Sue
-celebrated as Chris finally found a job that fits
-whooped it up as Portia has started to re-grow toenails
-introduced Cait to Disneyworld and finally ate in Mexico
-discovered 5 hour energy drink
-was a nominee for the Princeton secondary education teachers
-ate a whole lobster
-danced a reel in a centuries old New England inn
-wore a bikini in public!
-finally got more of Chris's family to enjoy the cabin
-enjoyed 5 years of marriage and 10 years as a couple
-saw Ben Folds for the first time in 10 years and felt like it never changed
-had the perfect city day with Chris (Harry, Wintuk, and Max Brenners)
-loved a trip to DC (and discovered DC loves cupcakes as much as I do)
-finished German year 1
-realized the makers of Lost like C.S.Lewis as much as I do
-read a great many books I like (I think Geraldine Brooks is great and that everyone should read Persepolis) and only one that I hated (Pillars of the Earth? More like Pillars of Poop)
-was blessed to have good friends, good family, and good health

It was a happy old year.
Happy new year!

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