Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lesson 21: Don't stop believin'

I think I have written before about optimism.

While I never seem to get to teach it (Willy Loman the optimist? Only ironically), my preferred literature often reeks of optimism.

Persepolis? Times are tough but we'll get through.

Old School? School is awkward but I will grow up and make money telling people my woes.

Even my super favorite A Prayer For Owen Meany? I may be getting smaller but I still see you.

Why is optimism seen as childish?

I had a 15 year old today tell me that he would rather not look forward to a possibility of a snow day and be surprised than spend a day hoping.

I know I am supposed to agree. I know I should be cynical. All I want is snow though.

I am hoping to live forever as an optimist.

For example: despite knowing that the snow is supposed to end early, I have thoughts like...

...maybe they will run out of room to put the snow and I will have off?

...but I picked up my car from the shop, I am so prepared for school so I must have off.

...I work in such a big town, they will never be able to plow it all.

I guess this can be the optimist test.

Will I go in tomorrow or will my inside out pjs pay off? Will it be a day of cocoa cookies and catching up... or will I review for midterms?

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